種花  被災地からの写真

Signs of recovery

復興の兆候 Posted on 2011/09/16
Nippon Paper, September 16, in Ishinomaki,
Announced that it has resumed some operations.

This video is taken on March 26, 2011.
Ishinomaki Plant, have collapsed miserably.

Nippon Paper: Ishinomaki Plant

Nippon Paper Group is a market leader,
Has three major plants in the North Japan, the earthquake damage was enormous.
In particular, the collapse of Ishinomaki, not only locally, the entire publishing industry is also affected.

Ishinomaki resume operations is very large in the sense of reconstruction.
If a full-scale operation would lead to increased employment.

日本製紙 石巻工場
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The last day of the evacuation

避難所最後の日 Posted on 2011/09/09
August 31, 2011.
Miyagi is after the last evacuation of the victims, all evacuation were closed.


Ms. Chiba leaving the evacuation.

aiai – evacuation
People who lived in this evacuation, everyone was cheerful.
All under one roof, had been living in evacuation as a family.

千葉くに子さん 梢さん、西ヶ谷さん、伊藤さん

Ms. nisigaya also, the last day evacuation, leaving the facility.
She had interviewed the NHK.


Ms. Nishigaya interviewed by NHK

When I asked “live long and shelter, there will be hard work”,
They “So all together, it’s fun,” and replied with a smile.
Of course, it may have under it a deep fear and sorrow,
Not feel it at all, there is strength.




Newspaper reporters have received evacuation aiai

Flowers bloomed in Kuniko’s your house, Chiba
Look up at the sky, morning glory, sunflower seed bear fruit we have bowed their heads.

朝顔 向日葵

End of summer, and will shut down all the evacuations in Miyagi Prefecture,
Affected areas, will be a new step towards.
Earthquake six months.
Sad drama is not needed.
Bright, Huge, if I figure walking toward the front.
Everyone’s back to the epic drama,
They are carrying from.


Nobiru Station

野蒜駅 Posted on 2011/09/05
Nobiru station is Higashimatsushima area, on the said six months after the earthquake,
Say that a symbolic place.


46 minutes at 2:00 pm March 11, 2011 earthquake occurred

Earthquake of magnitude 9.0, shook Japan.
Houses collapsed, causing power outages around.


Watch stopped at 2:47 (top right)

Clocks was set up at the entrance of the station (above right), which stopped at 47 minutes after the 2:00 minute earthquake.
Perhaps because of the electrical control the clock, appears to have come down by a power failure or disconnection.
At that time,Extend Senseki Line runs between Nobiru – Toma had. The train itself and then derailed by the tsunami.

At 4:00 pm, Tsunami occurred

Tsunami, which is said to have reached at a rate not in recorded history.

駅構内の時計 駅員室 駅改札

Tsunami damage was very serious.
90% of those who died in this earthquake, drowned by the tsunami and have been estimated.
This tsunami reached up and divided a few times the contrast of life and death.

Operation Tomodachi

Tsunami, the base was destroyed near the JASDF Matsushima.
・The Kahoku Shimpo[Matsushima ASDF base without functional recovery (JP)

Suffered catastrophic local SDF.
So, the SDF dispatched to disaster areas all over Japan
and rescue the victims, to the shelter soup kitchen,
and recovery of the bodies hit the manhunt.
・AFP[SDF personnel from working in the earthquake affected areas (JP)

While, it was Operation Tomodachi is canceled
by the U.S. military from April 05.
Also Senseki Line than April 21,
was co-operation shine as U.S. forces and the SDF,
“Operation Soul Train” in the vehicle and derailed,
hit by the disaster recovery process routes.
・Yomiuri[Japan-US joint, restoration Senseki Line “Operation Soul Train”(JP)

By July 16, the recovery period was opened many
Nobiru recovery station is still intact.
Interval, typically with the bus service, the number is not enough.

仙石線ホーム 線路 ホームの花



Matsushima Bay oyster farming

Matsushima Bay oyster farming

Matsushima Bay is an area famous for its oyster farming.
Reconstruction of Matsushima Bay
Oyster, scallops in the shell with a young shell, which was erected a pole raised in farms.
The farm area, it was destroyed by the tsunami. This year, it can not hunt at all.
Photography is a repair of farm

種花ALBUM 流された記録

Matsushima Bay, which suffered a devastating
Someday, to grow must also delicious oysters.

Matsushima Bay, Miyagi patrol boat ran aground (March 14)


Living in temporary housing

仮設住宅での生活 Posted on 2011/08/27

In Miyagi Prefecture, many people were living shelters were moving into temporary housing.
Their support is terminated, they must go and live on their own.

Now, they need the “psychological care” is.
People who lost family, will feel lonely away from the shelter.
The Great Hanshin Earthquake,
in temporary housing “Kodokushi (lonely death)” was a lot of people.
cause of “Kodokushi”, dies aged living alone in a room,
or lost a loved one who committed suicide, and various.
They need, and help someone, and communication with the neighbor.

Restrictions on affected areas

被災地の初盆。 Posted on 2011/07/29

In Japan, returned to his hometown in August,
have a habit of welcoming the spirits of their ancestors.
Five months from the earthquake. In affected areas,
the bodies had been cremated burial, ever had been a funeral.
Near the temple, after a period campanula punctata lam were blooming hydrangeas.

ホタル草 紫陽花

To greet the spirits of their ancestors, without finding the body, often a family funeral.


Temple of the morning

Affected by the Miyagi and now young man cooking in school in Yokohama,
This summer, go home to temporary housing.
That there are no family home, was a sad thing to say.

Relief Project Photos

写真の救済プロジェクト Posted on 2011/07/29

Memories are not washed away.

This project was washed away in tsunami photos,
activities that are trying to restore.
This project’s founders, Shinji Takei.
Takei-san is also in tsunami damage, his strawberry farm was wiped out.

Kesennuma gymnasium, 1.2 million photos were collected.
However, they still do not know the owner.

気仙沼の体育館 体育館に運ばれた写真

To clean photos them,
First, the photos covered with mud, peel off the album starts with.
While off the mud carefully with water and washing twice with tap water.


photos are washed, transferred to the tray, put in special dryers.

トレイに移された写真 写真乾燥機

Severe injury photos is not put in the dryer, dry in the shade.

陰干し1 陰干し2

Pictures were beautiful, storage in albums.

アルバム収納1 アルバム収納2

Cleaning photos are on display, waiting for the owner to appear.


The exhibition hall, and the memorial tablet, which is also stored memorabilia.

位牌 思い出ハウス

Memories is an important asset in life.
Their activities will give the victims a lot of courage.


Storage Shad 流された記録 Takei’s blog

Photo by Aya Fujishima

Reconstruction of Matsushima Bay

松島湾の復興 Posted on 2011/07/18
The history of oyster farming is an old Matsushima Bay, Miyagi Prefecture.
600 years AD, which is said to have started when a young shell of the oyster in the sea sprinkling.

This historic farm has received a devastating tsunami caused by earthquake damage.
Boats were washed, aquaculture facilities were destroyed rather than see the shadow.
The photo was engaged in farming oysters in Nobiru is one I got from the fishermen.

松島湾 松島湾

Shooting is still cold, which is around May.
In the fisherman’s every victim, pick up the debris scattered across the sea,
Picking up the rod that was used to farming, which trimmed the rough sea.
But even now that in July, the fishermen’s lives in temporary housing,
Prospect of resuming farming is that no standing at all.


Matsushima was the rich fishing grounds.
However, the tsunami has scraped the surrounding area,
To restore the previous environment is needed years.

松島湾 松島湾

The renaissance of this area, in order to harvest oysters in Matsushima specialty, or only comes out will take years.

Temporary housing affected areas

ひびき工業団地 Posted on 2011/07/11
Currently, July 10,
Higashimatsushima “Hibiki industrial complex” temporary housing is
Up to 224 households.
Still, not have enough housing, many people have a life shelter.

地図 仮設住宅 住宅の暮らし

7.5 square meters floor plan of the temporary housing.
There, some families living in five.
Electricity, gas, water and sewage, but
Air-conditioning facilities is never enough.

炊き出し風景 炊き出し風景 お好み焼き

In the shelter, soup kitchen is done, food was served more than 500.
Such minor changes in routine, the people who live there,
Heart and soul to be.

Of temporary housing has been a problem in the elderly lonely death.
In the future, along with the reconstruction of disaster area
Such exchanges in the event entertainment community,
Do not essential.


Land of Yotsukura

AFP:2011/09/30 Plutonium ‘detected outside Fukushima plant’

四倉の大地 Posted on 2011/06/28

Fukushima was the official language of the world.
May 15, two months after the earthquake, we visited Fukushima, Yotsukura.
The residential area along the coast, the ravages of the tsunami still remained.
Fields are affected by seawater, which still continued to accumulate radioactivity.

津波で倒壊した家屋1 津波で倒壊した家屋2 津波で倒壊した家屋3

The Grand Yotsukura high school shelter,
a high school baseball players, and leave a loud voice, was hard at practice.
Infield ground, for radioactive decontamination, soil had been swapped.

土が入れ替えられた、野球グランド。 練習を終えた高校球児たち 鯉幟

Fukushima is an ongoing disaster areas due to radioactive contamination.
This place, when the rays of hope shone,
In Japan, I would not be a true revival begins.


What happened in Nobiru?

野蒜に何が起こったか? Posted on 2011/06/09

Higashimatsushima, Nobiru area designated shelter, was Nobiru elementary school.
However, shelter is a low 3 to 5 meters above sea level.
More than 200 people fled to the school, died in the tsunami attacked.

野蒜小学校 SINCE 311

News :
What is specified in the shelter? (KAHOKU/Japanese)

Nobiru Elementary School gymnasium.
Interim body was enshrined in the plastic sheet.


Photos of Chiaki-chan.

ちあきチャンの写真 Posted on 2011/06/06

“When the cherry blossoms bloom, go to school,” said Chiaki-chan.
April 24. Tsunami affected areas also had been approaching full bloom of cherry blossoms.
But she has not done so already.


Chiaki-chan is always playing alone.


She “lent the camera,” saying,
shelter blooming “flower” of the photo session began.

ちあきチャンが撮った、椿 ちゃきチャンが撮った、薔薇の花弁 ちあきチャンが撮った、薔薇の木

Very nice pictures caught.


Then she guided me to the entrance of the shelter.
“When the tsunami came, and ran away with it”
Chiaki-chan, said pointing to the crushed heel shoes.
For her, it was too big shoes.
Then she’s shoes five showed me.
All presented with the assistance of shoes.


In May, she was able to go to school.


About “Tanehana” Project:


On “The road to recovery” page, we have background stories and episodes of photos of the devastated areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11th.
We upload photos and publish articles on the earthquake and tsunami’s aftermath, as well as latest updates on evacuees in affected areas.

Behind these photos and articles are valuable collections of real-life dramas and episodes.
By collecting these fragments of memories, we will make our way toward recovery.



             Flower photos taken by Chiaki.

“TANEHANA” is a project to share photos from these devastated areas with people around the world.
We give cameras to the earthquake victims as “seeds,” and receive photos as “flowers.”
These photos tell real-life stories of the devastation where regular media may be unable to reach.

Sky, earth, nature, rain, and smiles…

Photos will be delivered to the “seeds” as albums.
These will be a new medium of expression to deliver stories yet to come.